A blog with many gifs of Noel Fielding and his beautiful face. I take requests, get requesting!!!

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Anonymous asked
Life is nonsense.

So wear silly shoes.


Anonymous asked
Hi could you pretty please make a gif of in "jungle" when vince is a mod and him and howard are riding on a motorbike?

Will do, will be uploaded in a bit.

Anonymous asked
Oh my gosh I've been going through your blog and its so perfect wow everything Noel! Thank you so much!!

You’re very welcome glad to make you happy :)


-ellbrown- asked
could you post a gif of noel in the mighty boosh, season 3- journey to the center of punk when he bites howards CD? x

Starting this now will be up in a little while.

Anonymous asked
what is that gif set from where noel is humping something and a girl walks in on him? noelfieldingandhisbeautifulface. tumblr. com/post/47629451206/requested-by-blixamuxa

It’s from a short film Noel and Julian did called Sweet.

Link can be found here (X)