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darlingnicku: "I might know what gif that is, is it the "we're reminding people of the presence of goth" one? I don't know where to find it right now but I'll have a look."

Some people have already commented on the ask with links, but in case the anon or others didn’t see, I’ll tag it again here. It’s from a show called Bruiser and the link here (x)

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Anonymous: "hello!! i really need to find this gif set where there are 2 goths on the street and they are asking each other what they should do and i think one of them says "we are goths we just sit and scare people" or sth like that. im not sure if one on them was noel fielding but i suppose so. im going mad if i cannot find it. ive been searching for hours!! :D thanks in advance."

I’m sorry I don’t recall Noel Fielding doing anything like that and also don’t recall watching anything or seeing any gifs that match your description. If any of my followers know what this anon is after feel free to say so I have no clue. Sorry I couldn’t be more help to you :3

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vincey-princey-noir: "Fantasy Man or Reality Man?"

Is this a request for the make me choose meme or are you just curious which character I like more?

I unfortunately can’t make gifs of LuxCom 2 yet. I’m in England so the YouTube videos don’t work here as C4 ban them, I have tried to use Hola to get them to work but I haven’t had any luck. Also 4oD is just too annoying to try and make gifs from with all the ads when you pause the show. I’m hoping to find a link of series 2 after it has finished showing on the telly. Will let everyone know when I do find one.

To answer your question it will be Fantasy Man, as much as I love Richard’s characters. Fantasy Man will always win in my heart. If you wish for me to make gifs of Fantasy Man, I can It’ll just have to be stuff from series 1.

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what-became-of-the-dreams-we-had: "Where are the Noel 'red' gifs from??"

They are from this interview here!

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todiscardanddiscover: "Could you do a gif set of when The Moon lists his best friends in order of preference from Fountain of Youth, please? One of the ones he lists is Chrissi and that's my name so it cracks me up every time haha"

Thanks for the idea, will start on these right away.

To everyone else feel free to send more requests of The Moon. This blog is in great need of more moon gifs.

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Anonymous: "Gifs with noel as the moon?:)"

Sorry for the long wait, will see if can get some Moony brightness your way soon.

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Planning on making some gifs of The Moon today. Struggling to think what will be the best silly dialogue to make gifs of. Give me your ideas and also the episode it’s from. My memory isn’t the greatest when remembering what dialogue is from what episode.


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kirstyxlove64: "Hey! I love you blog and i was wondering if you could help me out. I've been searching high and low for a picture of Jack Whitehall and Noel Fielding together that isn't the Eskimo kiss, was wondering if you knew of/have any? Thank you and keep up the amazing work on the blog. Love it!"

There isn’t many and most that I could find and from panel shows such as Buzzcocks. Couldn’t find any pictures of just the both of them but in all I found they are standing or sitting next to each other so if you wanted to could crop the pictures.

Here’s some I found when i had a quick search, hope this helps :)

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A few days ago I got my copy of series 1 of Luxury Comedy. so if you want to request anything from the show I can do the gifs much faster and also they should look better :)

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I do get a fair few people on here asking questions about me, so I thought it’d be good to add a page on this blog answering all the questions I get on here. It can be easily found under the links tab on my blog but if you’re a little too lazy you can just CLICK HERE! to see it. Hope this helps all you curious fieldmice :D

P.S. I know I got one or two requests from the Make Me Choose Meme, was going to do them tonight but got a little carried away updating the blog. Hope you understand and I will go back to gif making tomorrow x

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