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mateoyoung: "Hiya~ I saw on your sidebar that you didn't want any gifs stolen, and though I wouldn't be claiming them as my own, I thought I would just ask in case- is it alright if I use your gifs for my rp blog?"

Yeah I think that should be fine, just if anyone asks do say they’re mine or something :)

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aquatic-nebula: "When you get season 2 could you make dolly's greased rock men holding axes sex fantasie wedding please? :)"

Thank you for this request which I think you sent about a weeks ago now. Finally got my disc and will start your request now :)

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Heads up I got my Luxury Comedy Painted Hawaii DVD today. So feel free to start sending me requests for that now. Will of course still take requests for anything else so any requests you all may have just drop me an ask :)

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Sorry I’ve been quiet lately, it’s just I don’t know what to gif really, send requests in my ask whenever you wish. I’m thankful for any request. Also I got some news, hopefully will have series 2 of Luxury Comedy on DVD by next week (will say when) so I will be able to gif that WOO!


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Anonymous: "hello!! i really need to find this gif set where there are 2 goths on the street and they are asking each other what they should do and i think one of them says "we are goths we just sit and scare people" or sth like that. im not sure if one on them was noel fielding but i suppose so. im going mad if i cannot find it. ive been searching for hours!! :D thanks in advance."

I’m sorry I don’t recall Noel Fielding doing anything like that and also don’t recall watching anything or seeing any gifs that match your description. If any of my followers know what this anon is after feel free to say so I have no clue. Sorry I couldn’t be more help to you :3

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vincey-princey-noir: "Fantasy Man or Reality Man?"

Is this a request for the make me choose meme or are you just curious which character I like more?

I unfortunately can’t make gifs of LuxCom 2 yet. I’m in England so the YouTube videos don’t work here as C4 ban them, I have tried to use Hola to get them to work but I haven’t had any luck. Also 4oD is just too annoying to try and make gifs from with all the ads when you pause the show. I’m hoping to find a link of series 2 after it has finished showing on the telly. Will let everyone know when I do find one.

To answer your question it will be Fantasy Man, as much as I love Richard’s characters. Fantasy Man will always win in my heart. If you wish for me to make gifs of Fantasy Man, I can It’ll just have to be stuff from series 1.

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what-became-of-the-dreams-we-had: "Where are the Noel 'red' gifs from??"

They are from this interview here!

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